Soil Dynamical Investigations

Measurements of vibration velocities and of vibrations

  • Registration of vibration loads
  • Analysis of an active and a passive protection against vibrations
  • Preservations of evidence for relevant soil mechanical problems
  • Assessment of vibration loads against men and buildings
  • Prognosis of vibration loads of buildings, for example propagation of vibrations and solid-borne noises
  • Vibrations resulting from aboveground and underground traffic and railway traffic
  • Vibrations in rock engineering, earthworks and special deep workings, for example vibrations resulting from drivings and blastings
  • Vibrations of power harnessing equipments

Results and presentations

  • Computer-aided analysis of measurings, if nessecary already on site
  • Determination of vibration acceleration and vibration displacement
  • Analysis of frequencies
  • Determination of the vibration velocity level

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