2012 – Upgraded Railway Line Rostock – Berlin, Section Nassenheide – Löwenberg


Upgraded railway line Rostock – Berlin, track 6800, section Nassenheide – Löwenberg 
Pile load tests

Construction period: 2012


DB ProjektBau GmbH
Regionalbereich Schwerin
Wismarsche Straße 330
19055 Schwerin


  • Geotechnical requirements for the tender proceedure
  • Evaluation of the concept for pile load tests
  • Technical supervision of geotechnical follow-up investigations as well as of dynamic and static pile load tests
  • Assessment of pile load tests
  • Trasfer of results for structural design for the column-geogrid-cushion construction method according to requirements of a singular case authorization

Period of activities: 2012

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