2013 – Embankments alongside the Finow Canal


Embankments alongside the Finow Canal
Finow Canal km 70.800 to 80.900 in sections

Geotechnical report and exploration of the stability of embankments in open stretch

Construction period: unknown


Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Eberswalde
Schneidemühlenweg 21
16225 Eberswalde


  • Sighting of existing documents
  • Determination of the exploration programm
  • Expert consultancy and support during exploration work
  • Execution of laboratory tests
  • Geotechnical report on the assessment of the ground and embankment structure
  • Development of design cross-sections
  • Computational calculation of a flow through a dam
  • Hydraulic proofs
  • Proofs of suffosion and erosion resistance
  • Slope failure calculations
  • Stability report
  • Recommendations for measures of rehabilitation in case of non-sufficient stability

Period of activities: 2012 – 2013

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