2018 – Construction of a new polypropylene plant in Tobolsk (Russia)


Construction of a new polypropylene plant with an anual production of 500,000 t polypropylene in the City of Tobolsk, Russia

Construction period: since 2009


Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH
Bodenbacher Straße 80
01277 Dresden

Activities (still in progress)

  • Assessment of existing geological reports
  • Preparation of exploration concepts
  • Supervision of the geological exploration
  • Planning, supervision and support during static pile load tests prior to construction
  • Preparation of foundation concepts
  • Foundation design (shallow and deep foundation)
  • Geotechnical consultancy during construction
  • Construction site management for 6 months during piling work (construction supervision, reporting, SiGeKo (HSE), quality control and geotechnical construction supervision)
  • Acceptance of foundations and check tests during construction for buildings, roads and parking areas

Period of activities: since 2008

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