2017 – Lehnmühle dam - exploration of the masonry dam


Investigating the structural condition and determining characteristic values of the masonry of the Lehnmühle damn (50 m high and 520 m long quary stone wall, erected 1916 - 1931) within the scope of an in-depth investigation


Landestalsperrenverwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen
Betrieb Oberes Elbtal
Am Viertelacker 14, 01259 Dresden
Dr. Linse und Partner
Beratende Ingenieure für das Bauwesen
Karlstraße 42, 80333 Munich


  • Tendering of boring works and assistance with the awarding of contracts
  • Overhead borings up to a length of 40 m (angle of 10° to 90°)
  • Coordination of boring works inside the dam
  • Monitoring and supervision of boring works
  • Documentation of core samples and their description
  • Geotechnical documentation of of borings

Period of activities: 2016 – 2017

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