2015 – Lütsche Dam


Lütsche dam in Thuringia, proof of reliability of the gravity dam, concrete, curved axis, 36 m height over footing base, 150 m crest length, base of the masonry made of porphyry
Construction period: 1935 – 1938


Thüringer Fernwassserversorgung
Haarbergstraße 37
99097 Erfurt
Lahmeyer Hydroprojekt GmbH, Büro Dresden
Ludwig-Hartmann-Straße 40
01277 Dresden


  • Drawing up an exploration program
  • Preparing bidding documents for drilling works
  • Tendering and recommendations for the awarding of the contract
  • Supervision of drilling works and water pressure tests
  • Planning the placement of uplift measuring points and their adjustment to exploration results
  • Supervision of analyses on solid rocks in the labor-atory
  • Creating a geotechnical report to assess ground and foundation conditions in order to verify the reliability of the dam according to German standard DIN 19700

Period of activities: 2014 – 2015

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