References – Environmental Engineering

List of selected references in environmental engineering


  • Dual calculated stability proof for inside dumps of open-cast mining sites in the Niederlausitz area, Checking the verification concept, the modified hypoplastic constitutive model and the implementation to finite elements analyses, LMBV - Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, since 2012
  • State road S 177 to the north of Pirna, landfill Wünschendorf, Removal of landfill masses, site management with electronic documentation procedure, geotechnical site supervision, Landesamt für Straßenbau und Verkehr (State office for road construction and transport), since 2012
  • Landfill Pirna-Zehista, landfill lining and recultivation, External quality control, Fuhr- and Baggerbetrieb Manfred Scheffler, since 2004



  • Fichtenhainichen ash heap, Checking the stability analysis and the static structural part of the design documents, checking and implementation of test requirements and of the measurement concept in the course of construction, Landratsamt Altenburger Land, 2016 – 2017



  • Public square Wettiner Platz in Dresden, Exploratory pollutant analysis, PORR GmbH Berlin, 2015 – 2016
  • Clay open-cast mining site Taucha, Expert assessment / statement regarding stability and serviceability in the area of the planned extension of a clay open-cast mining site, Rösl Rohstoffe Taucha GmbH & Co.KG, 2015 – 2016
  • Rehabilitation and safe encapsulation of the uranium ore mining site Collmberghalde in Dresden-Coschütz, Exploration and safe encapsulation of cavities caused by mining activities, exploration concept, tendering, assistance during awarding, construction supervision, Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Umweltamt (Environmental Agency of the State Capital City of Dresden), 2014 – 2016



  • Industrial tailing pond Dresden-Coschuetz/Gittersee – Final deposition of stockpile B, restoration management – State Capital Dresden, Environmental Agency, 2005 – 2013
  • Industrial tailing pond Dresden-Coschuetz/Gittersee – Final deposition of stockpile A, restoration management– State Capital Dresden, Environmental Agency, 1996 – 2013



  • Parcel Koenneritzstrasse 25 in Dresden, investigation of ground contamination – LTB Leitungsbau
  • Research Center ‘Regenerative Therapien Dresden’, investigation of excavated material and dumping material derived by building demolition according to waste legislation, Public Enterprise Saxon Property and Construction Management, branch office Dresden
  • New solar cell plant, ground investigation, investigation and clean-up of ground and groundwater contamination – Sunfilm AG, Großroehrsdorf
  • Word Trade Center Dresden, investigation and examination of groundwater contamination within the upstream and downstream flow – URS Deutschland GmbH Hamburg



  • Railway line Halle – Cottbus – Guben, overbridge Falkenberg (Elster), investigation of track ballast according to waste legislation – DB ProjektBau Dresden
  • Sunfilm AG Großroehrsdorf, new plant, investigation and clean-up of local ground and groundwater contamination – Sunfilm AG Großroehrsdorf
  • Railway line Erfurt – Schweinfurt, Brandleite-Tunnel, rescue area near Gehlberg, excavation of contaminated material (landfill)– DB ProjektBau, branch office Regionalbereich Mitte, Frankfurt/Main
  • New construction of the Innside Premium Hotel in Dresden, examination of soil removal for archaeological excavation according to waste legislation – Innside Premium Hotel Dresden GmbH, Taunusstein
  • Hotel Buelow Palais in Dresden, waste management concept for basements filled with dumping material derived by building demolition as well as soil removal according to waste legislation – Objektgesellschaft Residenz Koenigstraße mbH, Stuttgart
  • Industrial tailing ponds of the uranium mining in Helmsdorf and Seelingstaedt, geotechnical, chemical and radiological check tests of the immobilisat landfills of the WISMUT GmbH water treatment plant, 2001 – 2007



  • Opencast mining Inden (between Cologne and Aachen), Covering of a mud settling pond in the bottom of the open pit mine, exploration and assessment of mud – RWE Power AG Cologne
  • Stockpile 371 of the uranium mining near Schlema, geotechnical consultancy regarding radiation protection regulations and environmental geotechnics – State Office of Environment and Geology of Saxony, 2003 – 2006
  • Industrial tailing pond of the uranium mining in the Borbach valley near Schlema, consultancy regarding environmental geotechnics and radiation protection regulation for the final deposition – State Office of Environment and Geology of Saxony, 2000 – 2006 



  • Flooded area of the Elbe – Survey of the historical development, investigations on sediment contamination of the Elbe – State Capital Dresden, Environmental Agency
  • New Hall for Ice Sports Dresden, waste legislation related investigations of excavated material and conception for recycling – State Capital Dresden 



  • Landfill Grumbach – extension sector III/IV, basal liner, quality assurance as internal quality control – Amand GmbH & Co. KG
  • Klingenberg Dam– sludge deposition at the masonry wall base of the key dam, waste legislation related assessment – Dam Authority of the Free State of Saxony
  • Landfill Brettenfeld near Schwaebisch Hall, expert´s report to seepage water properties – Leonhard Weiss GmbH & Co KG Satteldorf/Crailsheim , 2003 – 2004
  • Technical University Dresden – New building of the Computing Faculty, risk assessment according to German Federal Soil Protection Act – State owned enterprise Saechsische Immobilien- und Baumanagement GmbH,  2003 – 2004
  • Rehabilitation of Elbe puddles near Bad Schandau, waste legislation related investigations – Road Construction Office Dresden, 2003 – 2004



  • DOW, factory Boehlen – central washdown yard, waste legislation related assessment of excavated material – DOW Olefinverbund GmbH
  • Deutsche Werkstaetten Hellerau Dresden – new production hall, waste legislation related investigations – Melior GmbH Dresden
  • Landfill for pollutants Troebitz – safekeeping of contaminated sites, conditioning tests and recommendations for installation – LOBBE Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, 2001 – 2003
  • Development road in Freital, radiological, geotechnical and waste legislation related supervision – Grosse Kreisstadt Freital,  1998 – 2003



  • Stockpile 66/207 of the uranium mining near Schlema-Alberoda, inspection of approval applications for the coverage regarding radiation protection regulation – State Office of Environment and Geology of Saxony
  • Neumarkt Dresden – new utility lines and new transport facilities, waste legislation related investigations of the excavated material, ACI-Aquaprojekt consult
  • Open-Air Theatre 'Grosser Garten Dresden', waste legislation related investigations of the filling – Free State of Saxony, building authority
  • Wood cogeneration plant Dresden-Niedersedlitz, investigation of the soil contamination, waste legislation related assessment of excavated materials – STEAG Energie Contracting GmbH, Heidelberg
  • Abandoned minings and uranium mining in Saxony – 5000 abandoned sites, assessment of the rehabilitation requirements under radiological aspects – State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Saxony, 2001 – 2002 
  • Landfill Borthen near Dresden in the course of the new built motorway A 17, assessment of deposit materials for stock transfer and re-installation regarding waste legislation and soil protection act, DEGES GmbH Berlin, 2001 – 2002



  • Housing construction Dresden-Nausslitz, historical and orienting investigation of soil contamination – Baywobau Baubetreuung GmbH, Dresden
  • Business Park Dresden-Coschuetz/Gittersee – region Karlsruher Strasse, environmental geotechnical monitoring of excavations – EIBS Entwurfs- und Ingenieurbüro Straßenwesen GmbH
  • Stockpiles of uranium mining near Aue and Schlema – project management, expert's report of approval procedures  – State Office of Environment and Geology of Saxony, 1996 – 2001
  • Uranium factory 95/ tire plant in Dresden-Coschuetz /Gittersee – conception for remediation and safekeeping, project management and remediation management – State Capital Dresden, Environmental Agency, 1993 – 2001



  • Leipziger Arzneimittelwerk – western storage area, on-site investigations of soil contamination – Wyeth Pharma GmbH, Muenster
  • New Netto supermarket in Dresden, Fischhausstrasse, environmental geotechnical construction supervision – Schneider Systembau GmbH
  • Premises in Dresden-Kleinluga, Teichplatz 6, groundwater monitoring to assess the influence of soil contamination on the content of pollutants in groundwater, Dywidag Optimalgrund GmbH
  • Industrial tailing ponds of uranium mining in Saxony, research project to the alteration in tailings with modelling of consolidation and substance output – State Office of Environment and Geology of Saxony, 1997 – 2000

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